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Heather Aldi, Owner

Heather always wanted to dance as a child, and finally got her chance in high school when she was able to take a class instead of P.E.  She was terrible, loved every minute of it, broke her nose crashing into someone during the recital, and still looks like a lame giraffe as she tries to tap with her much more coordinated daughter.  What she lacks in natural grace, she makes up for with heart.  It is with wild joy that she approaches the design of her store and the selection of products she hopes will bring smile to the face of dancers and the people who love to watch them.  

Nicole Lenggenhager, Shop Fairygodmother

One of the top questions we are asked is, "Who is that sweet woman with the accent?  She is just wonderful!"  That, ladies and gentlemen, is Nicole, the light and joy of the shop!  She is Italian, raised in Switzerland, brought her kids up in Venezuela, and now graces our sunny shores with her joy and sense of adventure.  She is the perfect person to guide you to a gift or outfit that is sure to bring a smile, and can do it in Italian, Spanish, German, and English!

Joan Yu, Resident Dance Mom

Need some perspective from someone who totally gets the struggle?  Joan is your woman!  As a mother of two serious dancers (plus one more), she knows how brutal the world of competition, rehearsals, and performances can be.  She understands how frustrating sourcing the right dancewear can be.  She knows just how hard the support team behind every dancer works so that they can shine on stage.  We are so lucky to have her wisdom and influence guiding many of our efforts as we work to solve some industry wide shortfalls.  She also hosts the delightful podcast, "Knit One Sip Too".     

Brenda Hernandez, Zen Master and Bookkeeper

Brenda keeps us all organized and calm.  Never ruffled under pressure and a wiz with the many moving paperwork parts, she can be seen both in the front of the shop and behind the scenes, making sure no detail gets missed.  Have a numbers question?  Call on Brenda!

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