161 Crossroads Blvd., Carmel CA 93923

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    Heather Aldi, Owner

    Heather always wanted to dance as a child, and finally got her chance in high school when she was able to take a class instead of P.E.  She was terrible, loved every minute of it, broke her nose crashing into someone during the recital, and still looks like a lame giraffe as she tries to tap with her much more coordinated daughter.  What she lacks in natural grace, she makes up for with heart.  It is with wild joy that she approaches the design of her store and the selection of products she hopes will bring smile to the face of dancers and the people who love to watch them.  

    Bailey Macey, Marketing Director, Pointe Fitter

    Bailey danced her way through childhood, teaching her dolls and bears to plie and pirouette with poise.  She moved on to teaching human students in her hometown in Kentucky before  moving to the big city to work with a major pointe shoe manufacturer as their fitting expert.  If you have been properly fit anywhere in the US, chances are, Bailey trained your fitter.  Metronome Dancewear is very fortunate to have her on board full time to fit pointe shoes by Grishko, Freed, Gaynor Minden, Russian Pointe, Suffolk, Bloch and more!   She is also a helluva truck driver and would be thrilled to bring our mobile shop out to your studio!