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The Cost of Ballet

Ballet has been a part of so many childhoods for hundreds of years and the dance world is growing with every new generation. With as popular as this hobby is, it could be assumed that quite a bit is known about the world of Ballet. However, the number one comment I receive from parents during pointe shoe fittings is, "I didn't know what we were getting into when my child started dancing". Even as dance becomes ever more popular, many parents are not fully aware at first of the cost and time commitment it may take to become a ballerina. They learn quickly, however, and it is common to hear sighs from them when they pull out their wallets for yet another pair of dance shoes for their child.

Monthly and yearly costs associated with Ballet classes may include, but are not limited to the following:

Monthly class fees




Pointe shoes



Recital fees

Recital Tickets

Competition Team


This list may be longer or shorter depending upon which studio you frequent. We don't wish to discourage with this information, but to educate. At Metronome, we are striving to provide all of facts that are often unknown to new dance parents so that they can be better prepared for what is to come. AND we always remind them that it's all completely worth it when their child smiles down at them from the stage!

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