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Charlotte Blake's Reminder to Find Quality Time in a Pandemic

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

While a global pandemic rips through our lives, cancelling studio time, dance competitions, school, and work, many of us find ourselves at home with more time together than we ever thought possible. We are discovering that quantity time is not always the same as quality time. It is up to us to put in the work, setting aside pet peeves, small annoyances, stress, and boredom.

One way to find those moments of quality time with one another is to remember the days when time was scarce and we packed every second we could with a quality connections. Car rides to and from rehearsals and performances are often remembered as filled with encouragement, advice, and honesty. We must not forget to set aside time to have a heart to heart, even in days filled with seemingly endless time as we are all forced to stay at home.

When Charlotte Blake, a dancer with the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School in Florida, first applied to be an ambassador with Metronome Dancewear, one of the first things she told us about herself was, "I want to be a role model throughout my life - I have had a number of them and feel fortunate to have known so many smart, strong women. In my life, my mom has always been huge influence for me, so any time I am with her whether it’s before or after ballet class, a rehearsal, or a show, she is always on my mind! She is one of my biggest supporters and moves mountains for me just so I can be able to do what I love most. My Abuela (Grandma) is also very involved and travels with me so we can spend time together and she can watch me perform. I love all my family and they are very supportive of me."

Charlotte's humility and recognition of the work that the women around her put in to her successful career made her a shoo-in with us! She is one of the most gorgeous and graceful dancers we have watch grow in the last few years, but she never fails to take a moment to thank her supporters, her admirers and fans, the people who teach her, outfit her, and transport her to and from her rehearsals and performances.

Now that she cannot make connections outside the home face to face, Charlotte is taking time to remember with gratitude all the virtual connections she has made and how much the have meant in her life and career as a dancer. She says, "The most influential artists for me would have to be my virtual private coach, Sarah Lane, @Sarahlaneofficial, plus Miko Fogarty @mikofogarty, Marianela Nunez @marianelanunez, Skylar Brandt @skylarbrandt, and Isabella Boylston @isabellaboylston. These artists have actually reached out to me and encouraged me to continue dancing. This makes me confident that I can dance professionally and pursue my passion!"

Charlotte is an inspiration for all of us. Let's take her lesson today and contact the people in our lives who have encouraged and supported us as we pursue our passion for dance. Let's turn this quantity time into quality time by using it to put a smile on someone's face and let them know that their efforts have made a difference. Today, we take this time to thank Charlotte for being an inspiration, in beauty and strength, both in body and spirit.

Pictured left with Principle Dancers, Stella Abrera (left) and Hee Seo (below).

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