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Beauty Rises From Chaos

This week, our country has been in the throws of tremendous unrest. Right or left, no matter what side of the isle you are watching events unfold from, the chaos of uncertainty and instability is undeniable. We stand as witness to pain, deeply rooted, a legacy flowing through generations. We stand as witness to bravery, men and women of all ages, ethnicity and creed, standing shoulder to shoulder, or lying face down in solidarity. For some of us, the fight feels very personal and immediate. For others, it feels like a fight we barely understand, but, even without full understanding, the humanity in us knows the need for greater love. Some of us watch in horror, not able to grasp the whys behind the violence and upheaval. Some of us retreat to the bubble of safety we are surrounded by. Some of us step up, step out, add our voices to the multitudes in the hope that our collective sound will be loud enough to effect change.

Artists have always had a unique way of reflecting social upheaval and mirroring back something deeply touching and personal, darkly beautiful, or brightly hopeful. Through art, the rest of us understand ourselves better. Art gives us the chance to examine the soul from a different perspective.

As dancers, your art, your every movement, is a chance to capture the soul of this moment. You have a chance to add something passionate, powerful, and awesome to this world. I challenge you to examine your fear, your confusion and uncertainty. I challenge you to go beyond what is safe and pretty. Show us all something personal and real. Allow us to be moved in a way that encourages us all to examine our own hearts.

Today, make dance your own peaceful protest.

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