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Perfect Ballet Buns

As a mother of a little dancer, I often find myself playing hairdresser before recitals, pictures, and competitions. I've never been very good at doing hair. My own messy locks are usually trapped in a ponytail. I never had sisters to practice on. All in all, I felt totally unprepared and under educated until I discovered just how easy the accessories by Bunheads made it to create perfect dancer dos. At, we sell bun builders for dark and light hair in small and large sizes. We also discovered their totally amazing 3" hairpins. If you think these are just like bobby pins, let me promise you that you will be thanking me over and over again for showing you the difference! Top it off with a Bunheads hairnet to keep anything from flying away during those whirling pirouettes, and you are golden! You will also need gel, hairspray, a comb, and brush. We found this wonderful video by Premier School of Dance if you would like to watch a step by step demonstration. No longer is this hair challenged mother struggling to build her daughter a perfect ballet bun!

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