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What to Expect at Your First Fitting!

Your teacher just informed you that you are ready to be en pointe and need shoes. What do you do next? Make a fitting appointment at Metronome Dancewear, of course!

An appointment time can usually be found within the upcoming week. Once it is set, what can you expect to happen during your time with the fitter?

First of all, this is your time to enjoy, but to also learn. Don't hesitate to ask any questions and to take lots of pictures! Also, don't forget to bring clean feet and convertible tights!

The fitter will take a look at your bare feet and may touch them to assess shape, adaptability, etc. They will ask questions regarding size, as well as if there have been any recent injuries or issues. She will then pick some padding and begin pulling a few shoe options. You may feel a bit like Cinderella when your shoes are being placed on. You'll then be asked a few questions about how the shoes feel standing and in Demi Plie. The fitter may chose to switch out the shoes before going any further or may ask you to walk to the barre. Once you're ready at the barre, it's time to go up! It will be a very different and unexpected feeling to be en pointe for the first time. Try to be as honest and descriptive as possible when describing what it feels like. The fitter will take that information to determine what adjustments need to be made. Don't worry. The fitter will walk you through it all.

The fitters at Metronome believe in not only finding the perfect fit, but in educating the dancers and their caregivers about their new craft. While the fitter is physically working with your feet, she will also discuss numerous topics, including, but not limited to popular brands, styles, shoe anatomy, padding, appropriate fit, pricing, shoe care, foot care, breaking shoes in, placement of ribbon/elastic, and when to reorder.

Once all of the information has been reviewed and you've worked with the fitter to find the most comfortable fit, it's time to take your shoes home! You may end up taking a few accessories like a sewing kit or mesh bag as well.

Going en pointe for the first time is an extremely exciting moment and the staff at Metronome would love to share it with you!

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