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Run It!

Just as we're getting a moment to breathe after Nutcracker, competition season is here!

Many of you are switching out your pink slippers and hanging up your tutus to focus on nude jazz shoes and eye catching costumes. Competitions are scheduled months in advanced and looked forward to by all. The hard work, long days, and impromptu run throughs in hallways become so worth it when you strut off that stage. Whether a solo or group piece, there's nothing like performing your heart out.

But keep in mind, if all of the competitions are beginning around the same time, most dancers will be running into their local dancewear stores to pick up their necessities. By the day before your event, nude jazz shoes, tights, and hair nets may be scarce. So, don't delay! Stock up on all of your required dancewear today!

Good luck and have fun this season!

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