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Using Your Talent to Make an Impact

As an artist, I know how much the creative process feeds my soul. I know how unfulfilled I feel when that outlet is lacking. I know how much of my own being I pour in to designing and performing. I know what I get out of it.

What I don't always know is how my talents are making a difference in the world. Where does all that hard work go? Did I put hours, months, years, into creating something that results in a moment that comes and then slips away? Just a round of applause?

Most artists, whether they are dancers, actors, singers, sculptors, or painters come to a day when they ask themselves, "What is this all for?" The lucky ones will know the answer. The seekers will ponder their path. Some will just let it all go.

I know for me, this moment was a huge crossroads. Do I veer away from the creative, but self indulgent path I am on, or do I find a way to use it to head towards something meaningful?

Those of you who have extraordinary talent also have a huge opportunity to make your voice heard. People are watching you, admiring you, hungry to be like you. Ask yourself, "What change do I want to see in this world?" There is always a way to use your talents to work towards change. And sometimes, those opportunities come in the most unexpected places.

This year, my company, Metronome Dancewear, is using the talents of its designers in conjunction with the talents of our dance ambassadors to create a series of leotards in support of charities chosen by each dancer. We are beginning with our Dancers Against Cancer leotard, in honor Kiara, a 14 year old fighting her own cancer battle, and Carol Heiland-Rosa, an amazing teacher we lost last year to the disease.

Having a sense of purpose to my designs and my support of the dance arts has given me the joy and motivation to continue to grow and create. How will you use your talent to contribute to the world?

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