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Too tutu cute!

Remember how it felt to be five years old? To twirl in front of every mirror you passed, marvel at how beautiful you looked in heaps of softly swirling fabric, and twinkle with the movement of the starry sparkles of your dress? Do you remember how dancing made you feel like a magical princess? Those years, completely void of self consciousness, are

so fleeting. In just a few years, all the fears of whether it is uncool to wear pink, what people think of skirts, whether you look to fat or too thin in that leotard, all come flooding in with a rush of prepubescent hormones. While they still have that joyful innocence, indulge their spirit. Let them wear their tutu to the grocery store. Don't make them leave their wands behind. Capture every moment. And maybe buy yourself a grown up sized tutu. Why shouldn't you get to twirl yourself giddy, too?!

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