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To Tattoo?

The young American culture values individuality. One of the current trends among young adults which can provide unique features is the addition of tattoos to the body. It's becoming commonplace to see them on men and women of all ages, no matter their career choices or interests,

but what does the world of ballet have to say about all them?

In a troupe of ballerinas side by side, one rarely sees features that will make a specific one stand out. This is typically intentional.

So, does this mean you can't be a ballerina if you have or want to get a tattoo? Not necessarily, but it's important to do some research.

Are the studios and companies you're interested in tolerant of body modifications and ink? If not, is it possible to cover them up? Is it in a place that is easily hidden? Will the presence of ink effect your eligibility or auditions?

Dance and body art can be very personal, beautiful pieces of life. Make sure they are compatible before committing!

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